Custom Tanks, Intercoolers, Radiators and Pipework

Here at A TM Engineering we use our experience in the design and manufacture of High performance Aluminium Fuel Tanks , Header Tanks Oil Catch Tanks aswell custom built Radiators and Intercoolers and all the required pipework , were also happy to build many items in stainless steel if required to do so.

From race cars to extreme offroad 4x4s through to classic cars and kitcars and even  marine leisure craft, A TM Engineering will work with you to find the solution to ensure your vehicle both looks and behaves as it should.

We have always been happy to manufacture products to a customers specific, individual requirements either for a one off bespoke item or a batch run . During the design and fabrication process we like to work alongside  clients to ensue they receive the quality bespoke item required.

A TM Engineering specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality hand made alloy Radiators and Intercoolers built to customer requirements

We can produce alloy and stainless steel pipe work  to customer requirements ,all produced from seamless tubing and and all using mandrel or dairy bends to ensure perfect flow , we can create a multitude of shapes with a huge range of diameters and tapered sections available or simple form our own .

Our fuel, oil and headertanks can all be custom made to whichever size and shape you require in aluminium, stainless steel or even steel, with any fittings you require. We can supply them with fuel sender units , fuel level sight gauges , billet fuel filler neck and a cap or just a plain filler tube , sumps , internal baffles, and much more to suit your specific requirements. We have made many tanks for customers all over the country, who have supplied very basic size restraints or requirements from the tanks they need from kitcar tanks , extreme 4×4 off road vehicles to even one customers fueltank for a jet engine.

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