We are happy to carry out any metalwork repairs , modifications or bespoke builds, having many years experience building luxury sports/race cars, hotrods and custom or classic car builds aswell as many offroad and 4x4 projects.
With tig welding being one of our specialities we are happy manufacturing many bespoke items in aluminium or stainless steel from header tanks to fueltanks but we also take pride in our mild steel welding and any fabrication work, we use the best quality materials we can get our hands on and we don't skimp on anything as we strive to give you the best product we possibly can.
We are happy to carry out any restoration work from a bare shell rebuild to just welding up a sill for another years mot,we are more than willing to take on the modifications and restorations others think to be too much hard work and effort and also offer general services, repairs including electrical fault finding to re wires/loom construction
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A TM Engineering provides businesses and domestic customers with a professional friendly service and has a well equipped workshop offering MIG TIG, MMA welding services, Oxy-Gas cutting and heating, Fabrication work in aluminium , stainless steel aswell as mildsteel A TM Engineering are also specialists in mirror polishing metals from large decorative objects to brass stock flat bar for use in furniture manufacture. The expert staff help clients with whatever they require. The service is designed to ensure a quality product and put the customers specific requirements first every time.
We have the facilities to carry out on site work using a powerful digital MIG welding plant rather than MMA (stick) welding like most companies do for site work, MIG welding being a far faster and neater process.
we strive to do the best job possibe for customers throughout the local area and further afield.
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a little about us

With many years of experience in the welding and metalwork industry, A TM Engineering was set up by Andy in 2011 , To provide a quality service where attention to detail and the quality of the work would matter more than just rushing it out of the workshop door,
In the many years Andy has been in the industry, he has covered many different roles from decorative metalwork for gates, railings, chairs and tables to the building of luxury race cars and many custom vehicle and restoration projects aswell as manufacturing general items for various agricultural machinery and Industrial products.
Aluminium and stainless steel tig welding is carried out to a very high standard
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